Wild River Flies – A New Beginning

AnglerWild River Flies began a few years ago as a job-creating initiative for impoverished, rural families.  Receiving in-depth training from our Montana fly-tying expert, these low-income workers were given the opportunity to develop their talents and become expert artisans in their own right.  We now have an impressive team of experienced fly-tyers who have mastered the hundreds of patterns and variations that we are proud to offer at Wild River Flies.  As a company, it is our mission to produce affordable flies of the highest quality that are consistent both aesthetically and in terms of performance in the water.

We believe that tying quality flies begins, first and foremost, with the use of sharp, well-tempered and finished hooks.  With this principle in mind, we are proud to use Mustad Signature hooks for the majority of our fly patterns as well as select Dai Riki hook styles as needed.  When it comes to the tying process itself, we take “hand-crafted” to a whole new level.  We blend most of our own dubbing mixes to match the patterns we tie, and we always use quality dry fly hackle rather than taking our “feathers” from someone’s hair (though perhaps that fad is ending anyway!)

Prince NymphIt is a daunting task to select fly patterns from the thousands that are available, but we have been strategic in choosing from among the very best and most popular patterns.  As a result, we offer flies that can be used all over the world and in many different conditions.  Whatever your environment may be, we are here to help you catch fish with greater frequency and without fear of losing the “big one” to a substandard fly.

As our small company grows, we will continue to broaden our selection, striving in particular to incorporate local patterns into our inventory from different regions around the world.  But even now, our broad selection will not disappoint.  And be sure to keep an eye out for sales and specialty patterns, which will become available as soon as we finish our field-testing (the best part!).

So thank you for visiting Wild River Flies, and please consider giving the “new kids” a chance to demonstrate the care and quality that we put into each and every fly.  We take pride in our product and are confident that you will be satisfied.  So now it’s time to go find the big one and catch the Wild River spirit!


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