About Us

Welcome to Wild River Flies, your one-stop shop for the very best hand-crafted fly fishing flies.  Whether you are a proven fishing veteran or an eager-to-learn novice, our flies will make your fishing experiences legend-worthy.

is a daunting task to select fly patterns from the thousands that are available, but we have been strategic in choosing from among the very best and most popular patterns.  As a result, we offer flies that can be used all over the world and in many different conditions.  Whatever your environment may be, we are here to help you catch fish with greater frequency and without fear of losing the “big one” to a substandard fly.

As a company, we are proud to partner with our Montana fly fishing expert as well as our skilled fly tying specialists. So thank you for visiting Wild River Flies, and please consider giving the “new kids” a chance to demonstrate the care and quality that we put into each and every fly.  We take pride in our product and are confident that you will be satisfied.  So now it’s time to go find the big one and catch the Wild River spirit!

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