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A Matter of Necessity

Bob Menzies –  Early one morning in Thailand I trudged down to the beach in order to catch a glimpse of the new day’s dawn.  The sun had just broken through the horizon.  It painted the sky with a crimson coat, and this vivid hue was mirrored in the waves that lapped at my feet.  […]

Booglebug trout

A Larger World

Bob Menzies – When you think of fly-fishing, cool mountain streams and beautiful rainbow trout probably come to mind.  This too is how I used to think.  However, my vision has changed.  I have seen a new, larger world. My glimpse of this new world began about eight years ago.  That was when I first […]

Trout Flies

A Win, Win

Bob Menzies Wild River Flies Da Li is a member the Bai Yi (White Yi) tribe and, along with her family, she lives in a village adjacent to our Fly-tying Center in Southwest China.  She was also among the first ladies our Montana-native fly tying expert trained to tie flies for the U.S. fly-fishing market and has now […]

Fly Fishing Blog

A Matter of Perspective

Bob Menzies – Springfield, MO Admit it, we’re all guilty.  We all tend to hold our proudly caught fish forward with the arm fully extended so that when the camera clicks, the fish looks larger than it really is.  It’s a matter of perspective, a revered fishing tradition. Yet I have rarely considered how our […]

Family Fly Fishing

Family “Ties”

Bob Menzies – Springfield, MO Family and fishing are inextricably linked in my mind.  Many of my fondest memories of great family times together are connected to fishing.  I grew up in the 1960s and 70s of Southwest Missouri.  Our Saturdays were often spent on Lake Taneycomo (the name stems from Taney County, Missouri) near […]

American Fishing

Uniquely American

Bob Menzies – “The Ozarks” This morning I woke up looking out on one of the most beautiful scenes imaginable: the sun rising over the wooded, pristine forest and clear blue waters of Tablerock Lake.  Only the Ozark Mountains could produce a scene like this, and it is a wonder to behold.  There is wonderful […]

Winter Fishing

Bill Krise – Bozeman, MT Sure enough, it’s winter again. I visited a few local streams just this past week and discovered ice flows blocking access to the open water. It makes me think twice about wading into some of our open rivers to fish. On those days that I don’t quite feel up for […]

The Art of Wading

Bill Krise – Bozeman, MT Many of us fish from stream banks and wade in when necessary as we move along the bends in search of that perfect spot.  At its core, wading begins as a means of getting from point A to point B when obstacles are present.  But this necessity is, for many, […]


The hook is the backbone of the fly and can often make the difference between catching and losing a fish.  Because of this, we take great care in selecting hooks for our many different patterns, using specific specialty hooks to enhance the effectiveness of each fly type (i.e. subsurface flies or emergers). In particular, we […]

Wild River Flies – A New Beginning

Wild River Flies began a few years ago as a job-creating initiative for impoverished, rural families.  Receiving in-depth training from our Montana fly-tying expert, these low-income workers were given the opportunity to develop their talents and become expert artisans in their own right.  We now have an impressive team of experienced fly-tyers who have mastered […]